Iran-Saudi Rapprochement: Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan


  • Dr. Arshad Abbasi An Independent Researcher, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Dr. Nasreen Akhtar Assistant Professor, Department of Politics and International Relations, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan



China, Interests, Iran, Middle East, Pakistan, Peace, Rivalry, Saudi Arab


This paper analyses the challenges and opportunities for Pakistan arising out of Iran-Saudi rapprochement. The reconciliation between these two important countries for Pakistan will define its posture and policies in its immediate and extended neighbourhood. The paper while using qualitative research explores the potential challenges of this normalisation deal for Pakistan. It also discusses the prospects this deal opens up for Pakistan. The paper also proffers recommendations to mitigate the challenges and optimise the opportunities generated by Iran-Saudi rapprochement. The recommendations are primarily aimed at policy-making in the key Government stake holders such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Economic Affairs Division, Planning Commission and Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis. Recommendations also take into account semi-Government institutions such as academia, Government-sponsored think tanks and private entities such as research centres and business fraternity.





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Abbasi, A., & Akhtar, N. (2023). Iran-Saudi Rapprochement: Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan. Journal of Development and Social Sciences, 4(4), 195–205.