Publication Fee

Publication charges policy

JDSS has been managed and run by a non-profit trust titled as Orients Social Research Consultancy (OSRC). There are many journals whose publishing costs and all other relevant expenses are covered by other sources, like sponsoring a society, organization other groups, think tanks, so don’t charges publication charges. There is no any source of income or financial assistance from any other organization or government entity to sponsor the JDSS expenses. JDSS is striving and heeding to be indexed in SSCI (JCR-Master list) very soon. But it is very gigantic task that there is no social sciences journal in Pakistan which is indexed in SSCI. We are supposed to meet up the international and global academia rather to focus on regional or local. Hence to meet such stander in financial and academic scope of authors, JDSS recommends the very nominal publication charges.

Publication charges are bit unusual in Pakistan by the local journals. Consequently, the authors are not used to the assistances. Therefore, various circles regarding the article charges following by JDSS having speculated many queries, ambiguities and misperceptions. In this perspective the Board of trustees assigned a special task to the editorial Board of JDSS to come up with a publication charges policy encircling the worldwide major publication houses, research group and research houses. Furthermore, the board was directed to pay special attention by giving relief as much as possible to the Ph. D scholars and young researchers from Pakistan while drafting the policy.

Publication Charges

Category Publishing
Pakistani 37000 PKR
Foreign US$ 310

Publication charges would be received after final report of the reviewers, and link will be shared after paying charges.

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