The Effect of Four Skills Integrated Strategy on Students’ Learning of Tenses


  • Dr. Kamran Ali Associate Professor, Department of English, Hamdard University, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Farzana Sohail Assistant Professor, Department of English Govt. College for women, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Naila Rashid Lecturer, Department of English Govt. College for women and Boys, Karachi Sindh Pakistan



Four Skills Integration, Quasi Experiment, Writing Skills


The research paper explores the impact of four skills integration approach to teach tenses at the undergraduate level in Pakistani setting. The study puts in use a quasi-experimental research method. Ninety students partook in this study. Four intact classes were designated to draw the sample. A language proficiency test was given to choose the sections which are consistent in terms of English Language proficiency. Two groups were formed grounded on two different teaching approaches. The cluster which was taught in a traditional way was named as control group and the group which received intervention, which was four skills integration, was labelled as treatment group. The data run on SPSS and the result displays that the scores of the treatment group seemed greater than the control in the post-test. This study reveals the signification of integration of reading, writing, speaking, and listening to advance students’ ability to use tenses.





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Ali, K., Sohail, F., & Rashid, N. (2023). The Effect of Four Skills Integrated Strategy on Students’ Learning of Tenses. Journal of Development and Social Sciences, 4(2), 464–471.