A Holistic Approach towards Divinity in the World


  • Syed Ali Abidi Ph.D. Kashmir Institute of Economics (KIE), The University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (UAJ&K), Muzaffarabad, AJ&K, Pakistan
  • Dr. Muhammad Jamil Professor, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Memorial Chair (SBP), Kashmir Institute of Economics (KIE), The University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (UAJ&K), Muzaffarabad AJ&K, Pakistan




Divine Capital, Ethics, Morality, Religiosity, Spatial Analysis, Spirituality


Man is the center of the universe and seeks excellence in all spheres of life, including economic, social, political, and behavioral aspects. A human being is made of soul and body. Both components have their own levels of excellence. This excellence can be achieved for both through observing values and principles guided by faith, religion, and moral values. Collectively, the set of values of religion, ethics, spirituality, and morality yields a form of a non-material capital termed as Divine Capital (DC). DC can be acquired through knowledge and practice of religion. The objective of the study is to measure the DC index for the countries and then visualize the difference over the time through spatial analysis using World Values Survey data set of waves 1-7. The study finds that the level of DC declines moving from wave 1 to 7 and ranges from a low to a medium level in world countries. However, in regions DC is higher in the Asian region, followed by the African, American, and European continents.





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Abidi, S. A., & Jamil, M. (2023). A Holistic Approach towards Divinity in the World. Journal of Development and Social Sciences, 4(1), 14–27. https://doi.org/10.47205/jdss.2023(4-I)02