Local Government System in Punjab: A Comparison of LGO 2001, PLGA 2013, and, PLGA 2019


  • Saira Iqbal Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Okara, Punjab, Pakistan




Administration, Decentralization, Devolve Punjab, Finance, Local Government


The local government system has been considered the most prominent in terms of the provision of service, economic growth, increase in people’s participation, focus on people’s choices and recommend policies for local individuals. In many countries, the performance of local government at the lowest level satisfies people, but decentralization in Pakistan needs to improve and made more responsible administration. This research aims to analyze the local government system in Punjab with a comparison of the Local Government Ordinance 2001, Punjab Local Government Act 2013, and Punjab Local Government Act 2019. The main objective of this study is to intimate a discussion on capabilities and deficiencies to set up a better execution of further acts/laws in Pakistan. For this purpose, take a look at the local government system in Punjab and compare it by examining what changes will be made by introducing PLGA 2019 after LGO 2001 and PLGA 2013. This article is descriptive and analytical in nature. The secondary source is used for the collection of data. The findings suggest that many changes are made, when comparing PLGA 2019 with LGO 2001 and PLGA 2013, government introduce another level, The Village Panchayat, and Neighborhood Council to take the government doorstep to the people, dissolve District Council and reestablish the Tehsil Council. Moreover, it allows more autonomy and authority to the elected members as compared to previous acts.





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