The Protection of Human Rights of Women Migrant Workers Under the International Legal Framework


  • Amna Anwar Siddiqui Assistant Consultant, Federal Ministry of Law and Justice, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Prof. Dr. Farkhanda Zia Mansoor Director General Shariah Academy, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan



CEDAW, Discrimination, Human Rights, ILO, UN, Women Migrant Workers


International labour migration brings a number of economic and development benefits to both the labour sending and receiving states. However, migrant workers who are women in particular face a multitude of challenges at different parts of the migration journey. They encounter exploitative practices during the recruitment process in the state of origin and are subjected to discriminatory treatment during their employment in the destination state. This research article explored the international legal framework, consisting of relevant human rights instruments and ILO labour standards, that effectively protect the rights of the female migrant labour force. The analysis revealed that international human rights treaties and labour standards bestowing legal, cultural, social, and economic rights are also applicable to women migrant workers and accord them protection from acts of discrimination and exploitation. Lastly, governments should formulate gender-sensitive migration procedures to ensure safe migration and legal protection for female migrant workers in overseas employment.





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Siddiqui, A. A., & Mansoor, F. Z. (2024). The Protection of Human Rights of Women Migrant Workers Under the International Legal Framework. Journal of Development and Social Sciences, 5(1), 159–166.