Job Satisfaction Impact on Motivation: An Empirical Research of Private Health Sector Employees


  • Dr. Saleem Raza Qureshi Assistant Professor, Shaaf Institute of Medical and Modern Sciences Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Rashid Hussain Burdi Lecturer, Begum Bilqees Sultana, Institute of Nursing, Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women Nawab Shah, Sindh Pakistan
  • Dr. Syed Salahuddin Associate Professor, Government Sachal Sarmast College, Tilk Incline, Hyderabad, Sindh Pakistan



Employees’ Performance, Healthcare Professionals, Job Satisfaction, Motivation


Since the health sector is considered to be labor intensive, employee performance levels are intrinsically tied to how well an organization functions within its environment. This objective can only be met by offering the proper incentives, which will inevitably lead to the adoption of the desired attitude and behavior. Research on the requirements a private hospital in Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan is the subject of this article's investigation of possible dynamics influencing the behaviour of its staff. SPSS version 20.0 was used to analyze the data, and correlation and regression analysis methods were used. To assess data that were gathered from 74 hospital personnel. In accordance with the findings, relationships with coworkers and accomplishment levels are the main factors that drive employee motivation, with pay levels and work requirements backing the statement. These results show that elevating employee performance levels is necessary for the hospital administration, it is necessary to create an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated while also fostering a strong work culture.





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Raza Qureshi, S., Hussain Burdi, R., & Salahuddin, S. (2022). Job Satisfaction Impact on Motivation: An Empirical Research of Private Health Sector Employees. Journal of Development and Social Sciences, 3(3), 317–327.