Study of Russian Security Activities in Central Asia under Collective Security Treaty Organization


  • Dr. Mumtaz Hussain Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Govt. Graduate College Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Hamna Mahrukh MPhil, Department of International Relations, National Defence University, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Maimona Saleem MS, Department of International Relations, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan



Central Asia, Russia, Russian Foreign Policy, Security Interests


Central Asia has become a focal point for Russia due to its strategic importance and enhanced Russia’s position into world politics. Aim of this research is to analyse the Russia-Central Asia political and security relations under Collective Security Treaty Organization. To regain its lost hegemony, Russia established intergovernmental organizations in which Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) plays significant role to secure Russian security interests in the region. The whole analysis reflects that Central Asia’s geographical importance has not disappeared but enhanced more than before. Although Russian monopoly has been replaced by the other players in the region, like USA, China and Europe but its influences and interests are still present in political and security fields. Qualitative and content analysis method has been used to examine the research. Questions are addressed in regard to Russian military activity under the CSTO and Russian impact on the political and security situation of Central Asia.





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Hussain, M., Mahrukh, H., & Saleem, M. (2022). Study of Russian Security Activities in Central Asia under Collective Security Treaty Organization. Journal of Development and Social Sciences, 3(3), 186–193.